AI translation agency unveils ‘world-first’ timeline to singularity

An Italian firm has unveiled a novel technique of measuring AI progress: analyzing enhancements in machine translation.

Translated, a supplier of translation companies, used the strategy to foretell after we will obtain singularity, a imprecise idea typically outlined as the purpose the place machines turn into smarter than people.

The Rome-based enterprise units this milestone on the second when AI supplies “an ideal translation.” In accordance with the brand new analysis, this arrives when machine translation (MT) is best than high human translations.

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Translated’s evaluation suggests this may occur earlier than the tip of the 2020s.

“[It will be] inside this decade, not less than for the highest 10 languages in a context of common complexity,” Marco Trombetti, the corporate’s CEO, tells TNW. “The truth is that in some particular domains and in a number of languages this has already occurred. For some uncommon languages and domains it might by no means come.”

Marco Trombetti is a computer scientist, serial entrepreneur, and investor. In 1999 he founded Translated, which pioneered the use of artificial intelligence in the world of translation and is now the industry leader.